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LP1015 LED Driver

LP1015 LED Driver

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Ensure reliable and efficient LED lighting with our LED driver.

*Please note that our LEDs typically consume only 10W per meter. For example, a 60W driver can power up to 6 meters of LEDs, but for longevity, we recommend using it with a maximum of 54W (allowing for a 10% buffer) to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Product features

  • Voltage Regulation: This LED drivers maintain a stable voltage output, ensuring consistent illumination and preventing voltage fluctuations.
  • Protection: This LED drivers include protection features such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short-circuit protection to safeguard your LED lighting system.
  • Multiple Outputs: This LED driver boasts two positive and two negative output channels, enabling it to power multiple LED fixtures simultaneously,


    Model Type
    LP1011-12V6W15WH 6W (With Quick Connector)
    LP1015-60W 60W
    LP1015-120W 120W
    LP1015-12V150W1500SV 150W (With Power Supply Plug & LED Connectors)
    LP1015-12V350W1500GY 300W (With Power Supply Plug & LED Connectors)

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