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FD9056 Aluminium Intelligent Touch Sensor Lifting Basket

FD9056 Aluminium Intelligent Touch Sensor Lifting Basket

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Introducing our Electronic Lifting Basket, a cutting-edge solution for effortless storage. With its smart touch control, the bottom panel acts as a sensor switch, enabling seamless descent and ascent. Elevate your kitchen organization with innovation and convenience.

*This product comes as a complete unit, including the surrounding wood panel to accommodate its complex mechanism. However, the front panel can be easily swapped out for your preferred board, allowing for a personalized touch.

Product features

  • Electronic Lifting Mechanism: Experience advanced convenience with an electronic lifting basket. Effortlessly initiate the movement by pressing the bottom panel.
  • Smart Touch Control: The bottom panel acts as a sensor switch—press to initiate descent, leave untouched for complete descent. Press again for ascent and closure.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The sensor-equipped system detects obstacles during descent, halting movement to prevent accidents. It also triggers a slight opening if an obstacle is encountered while closing, providing intuitive collision protection.
  • Flexible Storage Solutions: This basket includes two adjustable trays for your seasonings and essentials, alongside five integrated hooks for efficient kitchen tool arrangement.
  • Advanced Aluminum Quality: Crafted with a higher grade of aluminum, guaranteeing exceptional durability and prolonged product life.



    Dimensions (mm)


    Suitable For Cabinet Size

    FD9056-800DG 800W x 700H x 330D
    Dark Grey 800mm
    FD9056-900DG 900W x 700H x 330D Dark Grey 900mm
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